Saturday, January 1, 2011

Paper Stars

it is not making paper planes to clear my head, it's walking around corner to corner, making something simple, easy, petty, something I hope I can still cling on to wish upon to.

maybe someday the dream of coming home really will come true.
yet until then, I'll keep on folding my Paper Stars.

« ...and where the story starts »

My brother is getting married.
As surprised as my parents were, I've been more suprised on how Fate chose where the wedding took place.
The old town.
My used-to-be home.

The rush and the panic my family got while preparing for my brother's wedding in a city 12.000 km from here, didn't touch me while I'm dealing with myself about the issue coming back home. I felt a little selfish.

Can't help it though, I've always been living inside of my own world. :)